Focus and Scope

Jurnal Indonesia: Manajemen Informatika dan Komunikasi is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing the fields of information technology and communication management in Indonesia. The journal serves as a platform for researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, knowledge, and expertise in these domains.

Focus Areas

  • Information Systems: Research and studies related to the design, development, implementation, and management of information systems in organizations. This includes topics such as database management, software development, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data analytics.
  • Communication Management: Communication Management is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary field that involves strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of communication strategies, encompassing corporate communication, public relations, marketing communication, strategic communication, media and journalism, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and digital communication. It focuses on developing effective communication practices within organizations, managing public image, promoting products and brands, aligning communication efforts with organizational goals, analyzing media impact, enhancing interpersonal relationships, navigating cultural differences, and leveraging digital technologies to achieve organizational objectives and establish meaningful connections with stakeholders.
  • E-Government and E-Governance: Examination of the application of information technology and communication in government operations and public administration. This includes topics such as e-government services, digital governance, citizen engagement, and the use of technology in public sector decision-making processes.
  • Digital Transformation: Investigation of the impact of digital technologies on organizations and society, and strategies for embracing and leveraging digital transformation. This includes topics such as digital innovation, digital marketing, technology adoption, and the organizational implications of digitalization.
  • ICT for Development: Exploration of the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in socio-economic development, including initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide, empowering marginalized communities, and leveraging ICT for inclusive growth.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy: Analysis of security challenges, privacy issues, and legal and ethical considerations related to information technology and communication. This includes topics such as data protection, cybersecurity policies, ethical hacking, and privacy frameworks.

Publication Types

Jurnal Indonesia: Manajemen Informatika dan Komunikasi welcomes original research articles, literature reviews, case studies, and theoretical perspectives that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these areas. The journal aims to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and dissemination of cutting-edge research findings to support the development and application of information technology and communication management practices in Indonesia.